December 11th, 2009


Day 3, Vacation: St. Simons to Ft. Lauderdale.... with time out for a Low Country Boil

a cinch, when you leave at 5 AM. Jayne got up to give us a breakfast sendoff and the Camry practically coasted the way for 412 miles, with a couple of potty stops, and a McDonalds mocha and cappucino and a split sausage mcmuffin, lettuce wrap. We rolled into the Ft. Lauderdale Galleria and the Apple Store where I acquired a spare recharger for a measly $79. We roamed the mall, Chico's and had great turkey cranberry sandwiches, hitting the Marriott Courtyard in Dania Beach around 3:30. I got the Camry back to Hertz in time, but forgot to fill the tank, which they obliged the missing eighth at $5.65/gallon. That's not going to be a frequently repeated mistake!

Now this is going to be hard to believe, but we had an in room dinner of pad woon sen and ginger chicken and a California handroll, delivered from Mr. Sushi and Thai (954) 894-3991, for about $25, and it was 95% s good as our very favorite Thai restaurant, Thai Specialty 2, in Tustin.

Local PBS lacks depth, and we slept through the News Hour, and there was no Now, no Bill Moyers. But, NPR had Amy Goodman and really great shows all the way down highway 95.

Oh, would you believe that last night we had a Low Country Boil evening with the Rotary Club of Camden County, Georgia. Fareed Kadum is a member, and this was the annual fundraiser. First you boil the water, then you throw in rutabagas, potatoes, corn, sausage and lastly shrimp.... just like mother used to make, or was it Bubby Lewin's recipe.... no, I don't think so. It was accompanied by a gift exchange. We met a bank vice president who used to be a repo-man, and repossesed e verything from sofas to yachts, with a gun in his pocket. We met a retired special forces soldier who was the son of a disappointed dentist, and married the daughter of a surgeon, after being kicked out of the house and into the army. As he put it, we each thought the other was rich. They will celebrate their 50th anniversary with a surprise cruise, next year.

Yes, this really happened, and I went in wearing my UCLA Rose Bowl 1999 sweatshirt. Really! Small town, Georgia. Rotary Club. What's next?