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Neophron's Senescence
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Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

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Two Brilliant Flames, Extinguished
For a long time, I've been an atheist. That doesn't stop me from being a humanist. I look for inspiration in the acts of others that strike a sympathetic cord, that demonstrate that, on occasion, the best in the human spirit, prevails. That stories can have happy endings.

Tam Tran and Cinthiya Felix deserve to be remembered, for who they were, what they achieved against great odds, and what great deeds they would have done to extend the values they represented to the future.

Current Mood: Depressed
Possibly, a Christmas Card
I believe Josh or Tammy took this picture of me reading a children's book by John Wooden, to Myles and Danielle on my favorite blue rocker which was felt to be obsolescent and supernumerary by our interior designer. It's how I'd love to think of myself, on a really great day.

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