tinkll1 (tinkll1) wrote,

Brioche and the RAF Museum, Hendon

Lin and I had breakfast late at our Brioche bakery, picked up some potassium chloride at Boots, the chemist, as they don’t stock potassium citrate. Then we parted as I went to the Bond Street tube station and went east to Totenham Road and transferred to the Northern Line. Transportation is so neat! And swift! A car is really a handicap in Central London. I got off at Colindale and the signs pointed to the RAF Museum about 5-6 blocks away. The weather, for the first time since our arrival five days ago, was sunny with just a touch of chill in the air. A brisk walk and I was greeted by fiberglass gate guardians, a Spitfire and a Hurricane, and headed right for the Battle of Britain display. I need a monopod for the best pictures at a longer shutter opening, but I will see what I have as they’re being uploaded and throw in a few when I edit this.

I trudged back and forth, sat down for the presentation which lasted for 15 minutes, and then went to the next building and the next building, and ended in the museum shop, where I restored the balance of trade.

An 88 year old gentleman, Clarence W. F. Holmes, introduced himself and told me about his service in both world wars, the death of his wife, the end of his photographic career, the advantage of the non-digital camera, and introduced me to his youngest son who has taken over his photography business. He was charming and I have his address to send him a copy of the photo I took.

Then the tube and home. Lin did a little local shopping and picked up a doll or two. We are having tea, tangerines and herring…. Might start a trend if it gets out, and then off we go to the Blue Elephant for a Thai dinner in Soho!
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