tinkll1 (tinkll1) wrote,

The Blue Elephant, Football Crowds and Disaapointment at the British Library

Thursday, February 9, 2006 17:25

It’s important to not only know where you’re going but how you are going to get there, and, as we learned yesterday, what’s happening en route. The first hint was when the taxi driver said, “Oh, no!” The address in Fulham-Broadway provoked alarm. “That’s the hardest place to get to in London, tonight.” We had dinner booking at 7:30 PM and at 8:00 PM Arsenal played at Chelsea, 3 blocks from the restaurant. 60,000 people, mostly well lubricated, under the eyes of bobbies watching for the fights and outrages, worked their way into the stadium, and we were let off 500 yards away as the road was closed! Swimming upstream, dodging the horse manure and the mounted bobbies, we made our way to the finest Thai restaurant in London, and it was worth the effort. One noteworthy item was Dim Sum which tasted nearly identical to my mother’s old formula for kishka.

On the way home, we dodged a thinner crowd to the tube station, which was closed, to avoid rowdy behavior. We went back to the Elephant where we were shown to a taxi for an expensive trip home. Our driver was a Sikh who was quite nice. He was sending his children to Cambridge and Oxford.

It was a restful sleep, Wednesday night.

Thursday was a late day, though it was marked by 2 chocolate croissants and an apricot croissant and the best tuna sandwich Lin has ever had, all from our favorite brioche place on James street, to make a very late lunch. Then we divided, Lin heading to a flea market in Covent Garden while I went to the British Library via the Victoria Line.
The building was beautiful, but the mission futile, as the book was not listed. I returned home before Lin and was delighted to hear from Becky.

Lin returned from her mission with a few purchases. We ended the evening at the Spaghetti House with spaghetti in tomato sauce and a fine Margarita pizza. I had an enjoyable glass of white wine from Umbria and we walked the short block home in the evening chill.

Tomorrow, the Imperial War Museum
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