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Return to Work

For the record, I returned to LAX, the Los Angeles airport at about 2:05 PM, about 40 minutes ahead of schedule, in First Class, continuing 10 days of absolute luxury and indulgence. My sunflowers.... the little seedlings.... survive! Three days later, it seemed, Fed Ex delivered about 6 books that I had to have, but not that fast, and not at that price. But there they were.

The next day, February 13th, my actual birthday, and a Monday, meant BACK TO WORK, and dialysis clinic rounds. Five days in a row of 11 hours of dialysis rounds with an occasional hospital visit and the usual 2 half days in the office. I'm glad I was rested. And still in a glow!

Finally, came Saturday, and a shorter work day, and a chance to watch the Bruins.... they lost to the Trojans!
And, I met Flat Stanley.
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