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Flat Stanley

This is Flat Stanley, a boy who suffered a full body compression when a bulletin board fell on him, at Reed Elementary School in Tiburon. Rather than consulting the liability lawyers, a creative teacher seized upon his new potential for easy transit through the mails and recruited willing hosts to describe what Flat Stanley might encounter in his travels.

I spent part of Saturday and Sunday escorting him around my life. Fascinating, it must have been, as he wrote a note back to the class at Reed. It is too long to print in full, but some of these photos failed to make the cut in Flat Stanley’s 12 page, 2.6 MB Word file, which will be revealed to the class next Monday when school returns into session.

I can’t resist revealing a “pre-publication” snippet, without most of the pictures:

February 18, 2006
Santa Ana, CA

Dear Class,

Thank you for sending me on an adventure that I will never forget. Of course, when a bulletin board falls on you and knocks you flat, you may have trouble remembering things for a while.

I arrived in Santa Ana at the home of Haley Bjursten’s grandmother, whom she calls, “Mimi,” and grandfather who answers to “Grampa.” When he came home after working at the hospital, he was very hungry, and he opened the envelope I came in, at the kitchen table.

Grampa was getting ready for a trip to visit his grandchildren and he had spread out on the table some toys that he had brought back from London, England. Many people, including 9 grandchildren and 7 children surprised Grampa for his 70th birthday party. He and Mimi had just returned home when I arrived.

I saw a double decker London bus, a black London taxi cab, 2 Spitfire airplanes, a Scottish drum major doll and a birthday card which arrived in the mailbox with me. I asked Grampa to take a picture of all of us on the table, and to include a picture of a real London bus and taxi cab.......

........I had a wonderful time on this trip. I would sure love to go to London, so I asked Grampa how to get there. He said that I could wait until my seventieth birthday and maybe my family would send me there. He said the first step was to get a passport and he arranged for me to get one. Then he said he would give me some English postage stamps so that I could write to all my friends at Reed Elementary School, and some English money to get me started.

Grampa said that the rest was up to you. Do you know somebody in England that I could visit?

Thank you so much for sending me off to Santa Ana, and should I keep my bags packed for London?

Sincerely yours,

Flat Stanley

I had a lot of fun, and it kept me out of trouble for a long time. A real long time. However, I just had to share, electronically.
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