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Aloha from the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel

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We arrived via Aloha Airlines after a two and a half hour delay at takeoff to fix a recalcitrant valve in the de-icing system. The plane was a 737-700. It wasn't quite the experience via American's 777 in First Class, but quite tolerable, and the breakfast sandwich of an omelette on a croissant, was great for coach fast food. It was overcast and muggy and about 80 degrees on arrival. Lin went to Hertz to pick up our intermediate car while I collected the luggage with the aid of the Mauna Kea staff, who did all the work. Though she was first in line, the wait seemed interminable. Anxious for a vacation to begin.

Lin arrived back with a Buick Rendezvous, a big SUV/minivan crossover, that we had earned $200 a several level upgrade after her usual counter conversation and received an assurance that this is the one that Tiger Woods drives. It is big, and numb! But, this is Hawaii, and things move slowly, and leisurely.

We went to our favorite, Café Pesto for sea bass and a chicken stir fry, and retired early after the PBS News Hour.

Lin is shopping at Cosco and I’m watching UCLA at Stanford, with the Bruins leading in the first half. We had a great breakfast on the terrace overlooking the beach and that’s where this picture was taken. No class until Monday, and lot’s of basketball and lounging.

Tonight we go to Hawe for dinner and music with Bob and Susan Carlson, doctors from Sitka, AK, who work on an Indian Reservation. I’ll have a lot questions that cover what works best on the problem of alcoholism in the Native American community. I will be missing the end of the North Carolina vs Duke game.... I know all you guys really care about that one.

I’ve enjoyed reading the New Yorker and articles on George Bush’s speechwriter, Michael Gershon, a fellow evangelical, a fascinating article on homing pigeons, an article on alleyways in Beijing, and I’ve just started an article on Cookbooks by Nora Ephron. I really like the New Yorker and I never have time to really read it. It’s the kind of really wide spectrum of interests that makes NPR, PBS and the BBC so very interesting.

Bruins up by ~ 15 at half time, AT Stanford. All’s right with the world, but I miss the red double decker buses and the black taxi cabs, and the BBC, and the morning brioche! And the crisp weather.

But the internet is half price..... I have no excuses.
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