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Back to Hawaii for Another Glorious Week

We leave tomorrow for a week of relaxation at our time share in Maui. I hope to have time to post a bit more than a line or two. I'm deep into the NCAA Basketball Tournement and hopeful that the early promise and intensity of the Bruins will be sustained. What a break that they play Alabama at 3 PM Hawaiian time and that's when we check in, or into a sports bar. Alabama is a strong and athletic team, and they could win, although if U.C.L.A. plays the way it did in last 30 minutes against Belmont, they have a chance to beat anyone. Of the 4 Pac-10 teams, Cal was eliminated, but Washington, Arizona and the Bruins survive to the round of 32.

I'm serious about tennis, this trip, and there is no class work to hold me back. It will be all relaxation, basketball viewing, a return to The Battle of Britain, and, perhaps, blogging, which really has become one of my favorite sports.

I must write about discovering an employee of mine, back in 1972, who spun urines, took BP's and weights, and then reappeared via Google in a study proposal for “PROPOSAL TO CONDUCT AN ALCOHOL AND OTHER DRUGRELATED DEATH REVIEW Submitted to the Humboldt County Public Health Department By Children and Family Futures.” She had gone on to receive a PhD in sociology from U.S.C., and there in her bibliography, was her first job.... working for me in 1973! I dropped her a note via e-mail. Too much!
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