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Second Hawaiian Vacation

No classes this time. Rain, however. Flash flood warnings for the other side of the island, near Hilo. We have a gentle, steady downpour, at times, and at others, just a kind of heavy mist. I’m staying busy watching basketball and trying to secure my internet connection which seems to come and go. This update will go on Word and be copied when a connection is possible.

Yesterday, we arrived on a direct flight on an Aloha 737-700 from Orange County directly into Kona, arriving 30 minutes ahead of time. While I collected the luggage, Lin went to Dollar Rent A Car and collected a minivan. The Chrysler Town and Country was very pleasant but didn’t have a fold down rear seat. All the searching on the internet was for naught, as there is an extra charge for an extended version, and an extra charge for an additional driver. We ended up with an extended wheelbase Dodge Caravan with 2 drivers and an inflated rental fee. Apparently, my asking the logic of increasing the charge based on the number of drivers versus the mileage driven, fell on deaf ears. Not exactly. Someone waiting in line offered me $6 to shut up and move the line. I told him I’d take $3. We laughed and took the van and went off to find a TV set, muttering about the vacation industry and injustice, and thinking that we had no cause for complaint in paradise.

Our first stop was Drysedale-2, a sportsbar in Keahou, just across the street from our timeshare condo in the Kona Coast Resort. We arrived in time to see Washington edge Indiana, and in plenty of time to watch a very tough Alabama team give everything to UCLA that the Bruins could have wanted. As I justified our front seat table, downing all the wrong foods, the Bruins escaped with a 3 point win that could easily have gone the other way.

Lin checked into the condo while I coached the team and offered advice. She arrived in time to see the stopper Afflalo put on Steele, to end the game, and the 3 pointer he scored to put the Bruins 4 points ahead with 18 seconds to go. It was a very, very close squeeze.

We stocked up on food for the arrival of the kids that could make it. This time, it will be Josh and Tammy with Myles arriving today to share the other bedroom. It’s tough to arrange work and school schedules and our plan of inviting our children to share our condo in rotation is subject to availability….. theirs, and also their ability to make travel plans.

For me, this is pure pleasure. While I would take London, anytime, the cost of the condo has been covered, the airfare, a lot cheaper, and there is the promise of tennis!

And, lots of basketball! Currently, George Mason and North Carolina are tied at 54-54 with under 3 minutes, and the Lady Bruins are beating Bowling Green, comfortably, but not on TV, and my WiFi is down! Problems in paradise.
Tags: hawaii, march madness
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