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Game Preparation - Bruins vs Beavers

Looks like I'm going to make it to my seat in front of the TV before the 2:30 starting time of the Bruins vs Oregon State Beavers. By transferring a new consultation to Wednesday at 8:00 AM, and similar manipulations, I should be out of the office by 1:00 PM. I think that the Bruins will be a 3-4 point favorite, based on a better won loss record and playing the game in Los Angeles at Staples Arena. An encouraging theme is that different players are stepping up to score in each game, so that when Thompson or Farmar has an off day, or they both do, together, Afflalo, Shipp and even Fey step up, and the whole team plays at a higher level on defense. I think they, the Bruins, will win, but no walk over. It will be a game!

Now, I'm doing my part. In the tradition of the 1994 Championship Year, when I wore my Bruin tie through the whole 2 week NCAA tournament, I am wearing the tie every day. Please note that the Bruins are on a 4 game winning streak with the tie in place. The miniature Bruin tie tack anchors the tie. The shirt recalls the material in the hats of the railway trainmen, the engineers, of the 1940's. I picked up this bit of antique clothing at a discount store that serves the Hispanic community. A work shirt, perhaps, but the blue and white stripes are a great background for the blue and gold tie.

Meanwhile, the Lady Bruins lost over the weekend despite 36 points, a career high, from Nicki Blue. Just not enough depth. The Lady Trojans almost upset the number 2, Stanford Cardinal, in a major upset.
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