tinkll1 (tinkll1) wrote,

Stop, Thief!!

I was complaining about a poor wireless connection at the time share condominium, so Josh called to find out what the matter was. It seems the condo doesn’t have an internet connection, wireless or otherwise, so I was “borrowing” the connection from a free wireless at the shopping center, at least 3 blocks away. It’s pretty hard to complain about the service, when it’s free!

So, the Bruin game is about to start, and should they squeeze by Gonzaga, they will come up against Memphis, a team that has beaten them before and handled Bradley rather easily. Big news, so far, is Duke went down to LSU.

I will be rooting for West Virginia against Texas, and hoping that the internet, reachable from the corner of the patio table, will be working later so I can post this from Work. (16:58 HST)
Tags: march madness
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