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55-34 @ 6:54 All Bruins

It'a a Red Auerbach moment. If he were the Bruin coach, he'd be lighting up his cigar. This one is in the win column. A great game for the Bruins. Don MacLean, the Bruin color man on the radio, put the game away 3 minutes before I did, and Mark Whicker of the Register said, "Every team UCLA beats is terrible. It's like a disease!" It's defense and intensity and hunger. They have something to prove. I am so proud of this team.

Looking ahead to Florida, it's again a case of a team, the Gators, that are superior on paper. They are, theoretically, stronger inside, and their guards can shoot, but that's before Aflalo applies the glue. Either team can win. But, don't bet against the gutty Bruins. They are hungry, and Howland won't let them forget how they got here.

A lot of number one seeds are licking their wounds, and the talking of heads of CBS unanimously agreed that it would be the Tigers who emerged. This sure takes me back to Pinckneyville and 1952 and Champaign and the Sweet Sixteen.

Tonight, it sure feels great to be a Bruin.

And here comes Michael Fey!
Tags: bruins, final four, march madness, ucla
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