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Time for a Prediction - UCLA over FAVORED Florida (1.5 points)

I owe this reference, to a new friend, Eric, in Palo Alto, and I've been cluttering up his blog long enough.

"....Physically, UCLA can hang with Florida. Realistically, though, the Bruins will need to slow the tempo to keep Florida's score down, and hit 3-pointers to boost their own score up. Against a Florida team that has NBA athletes across the board, accomplishing both tasks in the same game is a bit much to ask.

The pick here? The first basketball national championship in Florida history...." Greg Doyell, CBS Sportsline.

This is an excellent analysis, but nowhere does it mention Howland vs. Donovan. I don't know Donovan. He seems articulate and neat and a good man to head a program. Howland gets the message across. He isn't particularly neat, and not a casting director's favorite, unless you're thinking, Gene Hackman, and "Hoosiers." In fact, he looks a lot like Dale Brown, the former LSU coach, who was able to smile for CBS cameras in the midst of the turkey carving!

Howland, like Wooden, like Summitt, is single minded. Maybe, at times too single minded! Offense seems to be a necessary afterthought. Look at what he does with defense and the talent he has! Farther than all, with the unheralded, until now. Hollins, Bozeman. Mbah A Moute were not always stars. Afflalo and Farmar are brilliant conversions to the Howland Formula, bringing an awful lot with it. This TEAM understands its role and its mission. They aren't clebrating. They're in school. John Calipari is a good coach, and a fine recruiter, and he didn't believe in extensive homework. Read the Memphis Commercial Appeal, and the news is that we're boring! Yeah, like when Wooden sent those blue uniforms out to mark up another victim. It was a different way with different material and a different time.

The work ethic was the same, and the TEAM was the instrument that won. Howland and the TEAM, the tag team, the unlikely, will do it again, because they have bought into the social good.... the TEAM, not Noah or Humphrey, or for that matter, Afflalo or Farmar, the TEAM. Don't bet against the TEAM or the COACH. Should they lose, and they could, they will go down making us just as proud. They'll be back, and they'll be stronger!

And if you like TEAM basket6ball, catch the Women's NCAA on ESPN starting at 1 PM EDT.
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