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Florida, a Deserving Champion

It was a great game plan and perfectly executed. The better team won. Congratulations on a well deserved victory.

For the Bruins, it was a great year. An amazing year! Expectations were exceeded and I came to believe that we wsere better than we are. If we played again, they would beat us. No Howland game plan could overcome superior personal executing a perfectly good game plan that allowed the second frontline man to beat the double team inside. They knew it was coming, and they were ready.

Farmar played well. Afflalo didn't get into the game un til it was too late. Florida's defense was better than UCLA's. Hollins did about as well as he could do. Noah was sensational with his blocked shots. Humphrey was not stopped.

Congratulations to Brewer for an outstanding defensive show. He eclipsed Afflalo.

Enjoy your deserved win, Gators. And thanks to the overchieving Bruins for an unexpectedly great year.

Tags: bruin basketball, final four, march madness
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