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The Charge of the Light Brigade

It takes athletic skill and daring to streak up the court on a fast break, passing slower obstacles in a single-minded quest for victory. The courage and the maneuveurability and the determination were there. And as Wylie Coyote knows only too well, and a demoralized Bruin community now understands, so was the WALL! There were at least three WALLS. They were almost always right there, waiting. So when Collison coyoteed into the wall the consequences were predictable. Collison is a freshman with great energy and much potential, but he isn't 6'8" What do you do when you encounter the wall? You go back to the drawing board with another scheme.

What had worked remarkably well for a fabulous tournament run, failed miserably against superior talent. At only one position, and that was not clear cut, did UCLA outperform Florida. Farmar took the game on his shoulders and did a pretty fair job. Without him, it would have been more embarassing.
On a replay, I want to watch the defense that wrapped up Afflalo like spider food, kept fresh in a silken prison.

It was a perfect case of belief and failth and following orders in the shaow of the valley of death. Not a failure to adhere to commands. Not cowardice in the face of overwhelming enemy strength, but another case of a mosquito against the radiator of a speeding 12 wheeler. And, skeptical as I was, expecting a miraculous surge to, maybe, the Elite Eight, I saw a miracle unfold, right up to the charge.

Howland was out of options. The Bruins couldn't penetrate. The big men couldn't, and hadn't created. All the garbage that Mbah a Moute and Hollins and Mata had recently lived off, was swept up by the Floridian Waste Management. How to beat the Bruin press was a clinic!

I have no loss of faith in Ben. He got us to the championship game, thanks to the miracles wrought, and he will learn his lessons, and he got there at least one year early, and he will have his chance to polish his skills against Romar's Huskies, and Olson's Wildcats. The Bruins will recruit to fill their many needs, and Afflalo has the character and the determination to learn from this game, and the brains, and the attitude.

To Hollins, Bozeman, Fey, Rubin, thanks for yo0ur effort. To the whole team, thanks for a really great season, for showing that boring will get you a long, long way. Balance and talent, combined with what you already have, will eventually prevail. This team has brought the Bruin back into the competition, and it marks the beginning, not the end.
Tags: bruin basketball, final four, march madness
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