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An update.... of sorts

I'm disgusted with myself because I never can find the time to do what I really love to do, although, every thhing I do, I seem to enjoy. Well, a few exceptions. I don't like business or anything connected with business, like making money, balancing accounts, and paperwork. Ridiculous paperwork!

I've been living a lot lately.... the usual rounds and patients and dialysis clinics and office hours, but around that, gardening, and this last weekend, an airshow, and another close look at a Spitfire, which sent me off to unfinished correspondence with an 86 year old RAF Wing Commander who once flew a Seversky (Republic) P-35 in Eglin, Florida, after surviving the Battle of Britain. The airshow included a Seversky Guardsman, a little known advanced trainer that bears a resemblance to the P-35 and the well known, P-47. The Guardsman got me to thinking about him, and there was the Spitfire, Mk IXe ML417 (N2TF) http://www.spitfiresociety.demon.co.uk/flying.htm#MkIX

So, I started my letter and rattled on about the Seversky, and then I remembered, in his book that the very first Spitfire in my life, seen at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry in 1945, when I was 9 years old, was a survivor of his squadron, 74. So I've got to tell him, and tell him about the conversation with the lady in Iowa whom he put me in touch with when I asked about Roger Bushell..... a real life organizer of the Great Escape, which, of course I recorded (Thanks, TIVO!) and now I'm ready to go off in a different direction, after I transplant a few sunflowers.

The last Southern California sports team has been put to bed, so I am now my wife's consort until the Bruins start to play, and I can get off to the grandchildren's rounds..... and find some really knowledgeable mechanic to take over Torshia, the Porsche, as Andial's principals have retired from auto maintenance, leaving me with 571 unbridled horses in search of a home!

It isn't dull, anyway, but I miss my LJ friends.....
Tags: porsche, seversky, spitfire
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