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Myles' First Air Show - Chino Planes of Fame

The Future Pilots’ Association, The Thunderbirds, The EAA and The Spitfire Society of Lakewood, CA are pleased to jointly announce the attendance of Mr. Myles Joshua Golden at this first Airshow, Sunday, May 21, 2006. He was attired in a long sleeved, vehicle themed tee shirt, khaki trousers, and a blue hat. He was thoroughly entertained by the events and not one bit frightened by an F/A-18 with extremely loud engines. He dined on Cherrios and turkey meatloaf with an occasional piece of cheese. He didn’t cry, even once, but flashed the smile for which he is renowned, on numerous occasions. Here is Myles, proudly carried by Josh, his dad, standing in front of a radial engined Seversky Guardsman.

His smile continued in this picture that Josh took of me with Myles. If you look closely, you can see the 50th Anniversary, Battle of Britain tee shirt that was a souvenier of our 1990 visit to Hawkinge, a fighter station near Dover.

Myles’ affinity for aircraft is best understood by a knowledge of his early childhood influences.... Alright, infant influences. His father and grandfather are both pilots. He is growing up surrounded by airplanes, and, to a great extent, Spitfires.

Josh is engaged in Spitfire construction, admittedly easier and more rapid, than the 1940 effort at Supermarine Castle Bromwich. Josh's daytime job is in the satellite division of Boeing.

We, all, enjoyed seeing a Spitfire in the air, Mk IXe ML417 (N2TF) http://www.spitfiresociety.demon.co.uk/flying.htm#MkXI This link also shows my second Spitfire, the one I actually flew in, TE308, listed as Type Tr9.

He enjoyed having his first airplane photograph taken in front of a Seversky Guardsman, a World War II advanced trainer that was an antecedent to the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt. http://www.kensaviation.com/2PA.htm
Though not yet ready for actual flight training, Myles is obviously a pilot in training, and as soon as he is out of diapers, and no longer requires an afternoon nap, he will be ready for his next step. At eleven and 1/2 months, he was walking around the airfield at Chino, a master of terrestrial locomotion for the past month and a half, seeking new worlds to conquer. He is, I acknowledge, a novice in the field of aircraft identification, but this will memorialize his first live exposure.

Josh and I enjoyed a great day together with numerous World War II types, including an entire parade of Navy types, 2 B-25’s, a Flying Fortress in the air! The Hurricane, and the Russian I-16, promised, did not appear. The hot dog I ate was awful! Hopefully Josh’s BBQ beef sandwich was better. The togetherness and bonding, superb. And to mark the generations on the ground and in the air, here is my own photo of a fly-by of an F-86, P-51, Seversky Guardsman and a Boeing P-26 Peashooter. Wish you had been there!
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