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I've just had a wonderful morning playing with my computer and thrashing out, machine gun style, multiple e-mails to my friend, Sannee, whom I've been trying to drag onto LiveJournal for about two years or so. I pummeled her with Mac superiority with background photos and inserts via Entourage... she is a PC person!

I've been listening to NPR via KCRW, with a brief spin to The Car Show on KPFK.... the car geeks there haven't even driven the Porsche Cayman S. Outrageous, for experts!

And I wrote to Morgan, not Phil's Morgan, but Morgan in Japan, who has a new car, a Ferrari 360 Spider, and in the process of chasing links, realize that I called Phil's Ferrari, a Daytona. For shame. It's a Testa Rossa. I love the looks of the 360, and respect its light weight, and would love to have a coupe version, but this is no threat to Torshia.... if she's listening. The biggest threat to Torshia is that Andial is no longer in the car maintenance business, so I must hunt up a tuner, and the State just reminded me that I need a smog check for my 2007 license. Well, Dieter made me a nice, clean engine, and it will pass!

Tonight, we have dinner with Chuck and Barbara, and last night we had dinner with Dave and Diana, and ran in to my former associate and his wife, and exchanged greetings. It was a surprise for both of us.

Thursday night, was the Shady Canyon Country Club, a bunch of nephrologists and what was probably a marketing endeavor on the part of St. Joseph Hospital. The country club is part of a gated community, recently developed, in Irvine, and I didn't know it existed. It was lush. The food, delicious. And, the great news, St. Joseph's transplant program has the best statistics in Southern California.... that's worth repeating. Better than UCLA, St. Vncent's, WMSA, LLU... you name. They are far better than the national average. Wow. A tribute to the man who made this happen, the transplant surgeon, Erv Ruzics, who trained under Don Martin, who ran the UCI program, and whom I met when I was at Cedars-Sinai and UCLA. Don, a Canadian, and a first rate tennis player, was at UCLA in 1967, before there was a UCI.

Lastly, I'm writing to a fiesty old gentleman who was a Battle of Britain pilot, flew a Spitfire, and at last, had his memoirs published. I'm making progress in that letter, getting diverted by the need to look up Spitfire aircraft that have survived to the present, as well as other pilots. Can you believe this? The Spitfire at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, an exhibit since 1944, and the first Spitfire I ever saw, in person (in the aluminum?) was a 74 Squadron aircraft, and the highest scoring survivor of the Battle of Britain, and was flown by 3 of my correspondent's best friends.

Oh, lastly, lastly.... I have a 1:18 model of a 74 Squadron Spitfire Mark IA, coded as "Sailor" Malan's plane, en route to me from Arkansas, by UPS. My first eBay purchase.

Off to save lives.....
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