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Haley's Seventh Birthday

We left Santa Ana at 5:00 AM on Friday, eaving one patient behind for Moh to follow.... (Thanks, Moh!) We packed all our stuff including Haley's birthday present, a small, portable sewing machine, a couple of soft bags, into Torshia, and took off, beating the traffic into the Los Angeles civic center and through to just south of Gorman, on the "Grapevine" where it was cold and windy. A comfort and gasoline stop, then on to Coalinga and the great Harris Ranch Restaurant with about 231 mies behind us, and the rest of the 427 miles ahead. Torshia was averaging about 23.6 miles per gallon at about 71 mph. This was accomplished on about 50% employment of cruise control set at 78 mph with a speed limit of 70. A few cars were passing us, leaving me feeling a little less conspicuous. After Mediterranean omelets and a divided beef patty, we were off again, and arrived in Corte Madera at 12:25 PM, meeting daughter Becky at a wonderful fish restaurant. Eating seems to be a central theme of our trips! Salmon salad, this time, then Becky went to pick up Haley and Zachary from their respective schools. Then, I got to baby sit as Lin had a hair appointment, and Becky and Peter took off to a cocktail party for Haley's class' parents. Somebody wore a see through blouse! Scandalous, of course.... that I wasn't there to cast an appropriate eye of disapproval.

Instead Haley, Zack and I crawled into their parents bed and watched High School Musical, a Disney movie in which there was one wholesome kiss on the cheek, the demography was divided into skateboarders, and other alien categories and the basketball team was never shown missing a shot. Great preparation for real life. Of course the kids were wiser than the parents! Made me long for Herbie or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Yesterday was a bowling birthday celebration. My how things have advanced from "Pin the Tail on the Donkey!" It was preceded by an assembly line putting together party favors that came as a choice of everything from character themed parties to similar events. Think of the current movie, "Keeping Up With the Steins." But on a smaller, less grandiose scale. This is Marin, not Orange County, and these are my kind of folks. Why, we saw old Kerry-Edwards stickers on cars outside the bowling alley!

This will be interrupted by a dance recital, so I'm going to slip oin a few pictures, and possibly get back to it, time permitting.

This is Haley opening up a card from Papa Art, Becky's dad.

This is brother, Zachary.

Becky and Peter at the scorer's table.

Wife, Lin, caught unprepared.

Tags: haley, the bjurstens, zachary
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