tinkll1 (tinkll1) wrote,

The Wonders of Autosaving.... 10 days later!

What a busy weekend. First, I only have one patient in the hospital and my dialysis rounds for the month are just about 90% finished, so it wasn't medicine that kept me busy. Mostly it was Myles!

After watering the sunflowers in the greenhouse and seeing what surprises awaited me from the latest bowl planting, we took off for Lakewood and grandson, Myles' first birthday party. He was born on June 3, 2005. This was probably at least his second birthday party as he and three other one year olds and parents who met through the hospital's new parents program, celebrated a joint birthday party for their one year olds who were born within days of one another, thus, avoiding four separate birthday parties in today's challenging parental environment.

Well, my iBook G4 and OS X recovered this momentous note, so I feel obliged to enter it. I haven't the time for pictures, but trust me, he's adorable, and way advanced.... of course. This last paragraph, written 6/27/06. We'll see if LJ allows this image... not the best, but the smile is Myles!
Tags: myles
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