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July 4th Coming, and proud to be a California American!

Playing instead of working. If they want me, they can page me.

Look at the very first bouquet that I have ever made myself, and I grew everything in the picture from seeds, except the feathery lavender flowers.

And, I planted these dahlias and artemesia and the blue flowers whose name I have temporarily forgotten from the nursery, and stuck in a few really short sunflowers (to which I am addicted.) The joy is so disproportional to the effort, and there it is, just off the bedroom each morning, just a little different.

SOS provided the expected mix of frustration and satisfaction. One fellow hospitalized with GI symptoms refuses to believe that 12% of normal kidney function is the cause, and that dialysis needs to be started. Two trips to the hospital, not enough.

Another, with a single kidney, has only a tiny amount of insignificant proteinuria, and a clearance of 100 cc/min = 100% normal function. HOORAY! Another lady, a single mother, without insurance, and with accelerated hypertension due to lupus, not responding to chemotherapy and steroids, is moving to Miami to be closer to her family. No doctor or clinic.... just medical records that should scare the hell out of any physician she sees, and she needs to see one fast! I am so proud of our state, putting indigent people, who aren't even citizens, onto dialysis to save their lives. So humane! And yet we can't extend medical care to the uninsured of our citizens including those who work every day.

Fucking Republicans!
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