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Wimbledon, World Cup Sunday

Three stable hospital patients and NO CLINICS, and no office, and Federer, one of my favorites, against Nadal, who fights like a tiger and beat Federer on clay at the French Open. One great shot after another.

Our house is in disarray! Even the 95% that Lin controls. (My office, and wherever I park myself for longer than five minutes, is always in disarray. Kind of like that character from Peanuts who always had a few flies circling him.) This time it was the Chavurah to blame. They stayed until a quarter to twelve. Lin and I retire at about nine. I get up at five. Hey, Bill, they loved "Hiding and Seeking" as much as you did, and I did. It brought us to discuss tribalism, from the Sunnis and Shiites, to the Chasidim and Chabad, and on to my tribe, the Jewish Secular Humanist Atheists! Oh Reconstrutionism is a fine tribe, too, as it encompasses diversity and places tolerance at the top of the list. We had 15 folks over and I, who am no entertainer or social butterfly, was having a ball discussing the movie with a lively crowd. Even our rare Republican brought out the best of what that tribe has to contribute to the discussion. I had no trouble staying awake, and in the sixth day of the first phase of the South Beach Diet, I had an extra adrenergic charge.... the coffee helped, too. I dare say it was one iof our best meetings with everyone participating, good food and a very compatible group.

And, later.... the World Cup final. I sure love Zidane's game. Who wouldn't? And I like the Italians. And I hate the floppers! What a drag! Well, I hate the floppers who try to milk charging calls in basketball. Now tennis by Sampras, Federer and the greatest demeanor, Arthur Ashe! Gentlemen, all. I guess I'm getting old. No, I know I'm getting old. But that's not so bad, and it sure is better than the alternative.
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