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Geezer Tennis and the South Beach Diet

Yesterday was day 15 of the second coming of the South Beach Diet. It works! Down at least 11 pounds in two weeks on phase one. People notice. It's nice. It's healthy. So what if I'm ready to fight on a moment's notice, over nothing. Health costs! Being aware of this short fuse, I'm generally successful in holding back, and I'm consciously trying not to find fault with the rest of humanity's failings which seem so clearly out of step when I'm hungry. Anyway, I do move faster, and I'm more efficient.

Why the food focus? Well, about 3 years ago, or maybe 2 years ago, a patient of mine, who is also my dentist, came in looking a bit less rotund, and gave me his insights into the SBD. It made a lot of sense, and I was then at an all time high, facing another round of moving on to yet a new waist size.... 44, I believe!!!

Even when I played pretty competitive tennis in high school, I was about 15 pounds heavier than I should have been, and I would have been a better player at the lower weight, but my priorities weren't yet there. It's been downhill ever since, slowly, albeit, but downhill. The older you get, athletically, the less you can get away with. And the rationalizations become more hollow and moth-eaten.

Years ago, I joked about winning an over 80's tournament, and getting in shape for it. One can joke when it's greater than 20 years away. When it's under ten years, it's time to get to work or admit it just won't happen and this is another of those fantasy rationalizations.

Two of my seven children, Josh and Becky, fueled by a hint here or there from my wife, Lin, bought me a Father's Day gift of 3 months membership in the Tustin Hills Racket Club, and then the phone started ringing with prospective matches. At this age, it's all doubles. I hate doubles! that's another story. But doubles is all I can manage for more than 10 minutes, at this point.

The dieting, then, is a competitive imperative. And so it has begun.

In the process, I discovered that the minor level of muscle aching that I had ignored, was really slowing me down on the court. So I stopped the 20 mg of Lipitor that I had been taking, and a week off the medicine, my LDL cholesterol was ~112. There's a trade-off, here. Every other lipid is fabulous. Well the HDL isn't as high as I would like it to be. This is a best case situation as the first phase of SBD is pretty strict, and there is no dietary fat to trim. But the muscle aches are gone. I suspect that the myositis is a statin characteristic, and there isn't a really good alternative, but perhaps a little research is in order.

Anyway, I played Saturday and Sunday morning, and was exhausted after 2 sets of doubles, and one of my opponents was an 84 year old lawyer who still does adoptions. Well, one of them was a 59 year old accountant who owns a BMW 550. So, it's a new circle of friends, and a lot of motivation. I imagine they will get a bit of ink here, and so, don't tell them that I haven't given up on that over 80 tournament, and I'm thinking singles, so the diet better continue.

I always did have a wicked drop shot.
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