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I'm late, I"m late.... always, I"m late

Just a complaint about the day ahead. I want to read and journal... but I have to make rounds! I just have to get in 4 visits per month on my Medicare patients if I'm to receive the maximum amount for their care... That is pretty crumby, in my humble opinion. Some need more time. Many don't require as much. But sometime, probably for my grandchildren, I'm going to detail how I put 157 miles on my car last Monday.

Well, Hawaii on Friday. The Bruins, tomorrow. The 8 am consult patient, who just had to be seen according to his doctor, who couldn't forward his labs to me, so that I might know just why he had to be seen, and didn't call to explain his concerns.... the doctor, that is.... well, that patient couldn't be found after a series of phone calls. So, no office hours at 8 am today! Just dialysis rounds, a visit to a hospice patient who came in through the ER when the answering service couldn't find the doctor on call, and I got tagged. And maybe stopping the nursing homes where 2 of my patients are currently residing.

Actually, I've gotten in most of my monthly rounds, and I have coverage so I can go, and all I need to do is transplant a few sunflowers, locate my postcard photoprinter, buy some cheap tennis balls, and pack.

Lin and I have different concepts of what to wear. Well, she's usually right! I have the clothes sense of Harpo Marx! She's packing a whole bunch of Hawaiian shirts, and trousers I will never wear. I love her!

Like I said, I'd rather be writing!
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