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Live, a Trojan in Lincoln, at the Cornhusker Hotel!

Here we are at the Cornhusker Hotel in downtown Lincoln, waiting for daughter, Laurie, and son-in-law, Matt, to come knocking on our door. In the coffee shop, the waitresses all wear red tee shirts that say Nebraska. I’m wearing a white tee shirt that says, “U.S.C. MEDICINE.”
Tomorrow, the Nebraska Cornhuskers meet the U.S.C. Trojans at the Coliseum in Los Angeles. And, I’m in Lincoln, wearing a U.S.C. tee shirt. I’m counting on the Midwestern polite temperament. I just feel like being a proud Trojan, at the moment. I’m not looking for trouble. I’m really a Bruin, posing as a Trojan, though I’m a legitimate enough Trojan until they play the Bruins. I’m waiting for Laurie to appear so I can take some pictures. I already have a picture in the camera of the Lincoln airport with a Nebraska flag. This town and the college environment reminds me of Knoxville…. Friendly, homespun, but with a fine university. A good place to live if you want to get a lot for your money in real estate and meet a bunch of friendly people. I’ll bet Birmingham and Chapel Hill are pretty similar.

We’ll be here for only two days. U.C.L.A. isn’t playing this week, so it’s a better week for me to travel. Normally, when the Bruins play, I must see them. TIVO eases the strain, but live beats recording.

I will venture a guess.... U.S.C. will win.... big.... > 3 touchdowns. The defense will force turnovers. Nebraska is 2 years away. U.S.C. is there, again. The Bruins are creeping forward, making progress, particularly on defense.

I am very, very happy, having heard from an old patient, Claudia, who is en route to Israel. I knew her a long, long time ago. She lives in Idaho, married to a dialysis nurse who once worked for me.... She has a very successful transplant. She has a wonderful story to tell. It's got to be 25 years or more, and the earliest times were rocky.

And, I'm waiting to hear from my anonymous GI (gastrointestinal) friend in Fresno, Don, who once flew in Lockheed P2V and wanted to be a veterinarian, but became a Trojan classmate. He just doesn't write much. You have to squeeze it out of him!

Where are Laurie and Matt? Stay tuned.
Tags: football, laurie, nebraska, trojans
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