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Football Thoughts

Generally, I root for ther underdog.... unless it's the Bruins or the Trojans, or the Pac 10, although I'm kind of down on Oregon, and their fans. Today, having no one in hospital, and no one in the clinics who needed seeing, I've been watching one game after another.

To show you where my mind is, I enjoyed the Illini finally winning, at East Lansing, against the Spartans, 23-20. Poor Spartans, thinking about the game they gave to Notre Dame, last week. I was rooting for South Carolina against Auburn, and they lost. Hooray for Georgia Tech who knocked off Virginia Tech and should write off the Hokies' championship dreams, as they play a pretty lame schedule.

The ESPN guys are thinking that Washington State will upset the Trojans. It's U.S.C. 7, WSU 3, in the second period. It's almost 5 PM and I will, loyally, forgo the Trojans, and the very good matchup of the Buckeyes vs the Hawkeyes, for the Cardinal.... whoops, that's at 7. Maybe I will go root for the Hawkeyes to upset Ohio State, and chew my celery and eat my Laughing Cow cheese. No, no wine! Diet cola or coffee

Chris Markey is a junior tailback averaging 121 yards/game, rushing, for the first 3 games. Yet, the Bruins can't score on the ground in the red zone. Stanford has one of the worst rushing defenses in the country. Something has to give. The game is in Pasadena. The Bruins will probably beat up on the hapless Cardinal, and are favored by 23 1/2. They should win by 35. They have something to prove.

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