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On to Miami.... First Day of Vacation

It didn’t start well. Well, there were more than the usual impediments. Ajit Sawhney came through to cover October 21-23 while Moh would be attending a GI conference where Najwa, his daughter, would be presenting a paper. Normally, Kevin Pham would be covering for Moh but he was also on vacation with his wife and new baby. That left Michael Arquilla who had agreed to cover for Moh for the three days that he was gone, and Arquilla inherited Kevin’s busy practice, Moh’s light practice, and my senescent 60 or so dialysis patients, who average, maybe one hospital admission a day, and 3 or 4 phone calls from dialysis units to adjust Coumadin doses and report patients who didn’t show up for their treatment.

Mike, forgetting a few unrepaid favors in the past, acted as though I were asking him to take ER call on Memorial Day Weekend. I told him that I would find help elsewhere. Ajit stepped in, and I will be sending him a small thank you from the Caribbean.

Averages are made up of highs and lows, and the week started with four of my dialysis patients in the hospital….. definitely a high, and this left me feeling bad about turning over this workload to Moh, though it probably bothered me more than him. I sent home Samuel as his back pain had improved to a tolerable level and his x-rays were negative. There was no blessing from an orthopod as the two that I had called didn’t come in over a three day period. And my Viet Namese lady went home after the pulmonologist determined that her effusion was benign and she didn’t need a thoracentesis. So, that left only two for Moh to follow and I felt a lot better.

We were even packed in time and ready 15 minutes early for the van trip to LAX. And, I kept the porch lights on so Lin would have no difficulty with that one treacherous step, and she was safely aboard the van. So, breathing a great sigh of relief, I turned off the porch light and stepped out into space, confidently, because I don’t ever fall.
Lin didn’t see it, and the van driver helped me up, so she was unaware of the damage until I tried to straighten my twisted glasses. A small gash just to the lateral side of the right eye, abrasions to the right wrist and elbow and a very, very sore thigh that felt like a truck had run over it. I couldn’t step up into the van without a lot of pain, but I kept it hidden until the twisted glasses led to the discovery. A great way to start the sight seeing vacation to the lush Caribbean isles, now with a requirement for a guide dog.

We made it aboard our plane and I plunged into Richard Clarke’s, “Against All Enemies,” his account of America’s war on terror, from the inside…. A great read, so far.

We arrived, and we thought our luggage came with us, but all the luggage took another 50 minutes to arrive at the carousel and we had long since limped over, Linda with her cane, and me, her protector, feeling like a tackling dummy for the Chicago Bears. We limped off to the cab line after finding there was no free shuttle, and 45 minutes later, to the tune of the French radio station, our Haitian cab driver pulled up at the Marriott Biscayne Bay.

Immediately, Lin went to the concierge, who was a wonderful gentleman named Rafael. He located the nearest Lenscrafters, and it wasn’t close. Then he brought us up to our lovely room, 2323, overlooking Biscayne Bay, and said he would call us back. Less than ten minutes later he told us how to get to the Bayshore Mall, and to ask for Maria Elena, who fixed the glasses gratis, with a smile, and had to be forced to take $10 for saving our vacation. We were very impressed with Rafael! We asked him about a restaurant and he recommended the Blue Moon, an Italian restaurant adjacent to the hotel, where, with the card he gave us, Lin got a glass of merlot, and I, chardonnay, on the house. I could even read the menu! And see across the room. The Chilean sea bass was wonderful, and Lin had fettucini with sea food.

The bed was fantastic. Marriott is onto something, big. Comfortable, better than any bed anywhere. We slept like hibernating bears! Down comforter, down pillows, and then a fabulous breakfast in bed, served by a charming lady from Nicaragua, Ruby, who got the blackened bacon and the very dark English muffin, just exactly right, and charmed us with Latin hospitality and grace. Breakfast in bed, able to see the TV set, buoyed up in bed on down pillows, and finally, at Lin’s request, Sergio, at the front desk extended our stay to 2 PM so we wouldn’t have to stand out on the dock until boarding began at 3 PM.
Are we happy with Marriott and our Miami experience? Wow!

The Silver Cloud awaits us.
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