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Silver Shadow Day 2 – At Sea just north of Cuba

We left about an hour late for two days at sea, and after passing the container ports and seeing the open sea ahead, we adjourned to the restaurant and a wonderful experience with wienerschnitzel preceded by a Greek salad and Indian spiced prawns. Wine, of course, and even a dessert port. I will leave out the further description of food beyond saying that it couldn’t be better, and that it takes all the will power we can muster to avoid letting our eyes and noses lead us astray.

The captain has invited us (350 or so of us) to a reception and it is formal night. I am not a formal night enthusiast. Tennis shoes and my PNHP T-shirt would be just fine with me, but I must wear a suit and tie. In the meanwhile, the steward is bringing matzo ball soup and an all beef hot dog to our suite to tide me over to dinner.

It’s been a nice, quiet day with reading and relaxing, and a lecture on Pirates of the Caribbean by a zoologist! Part 2 is tomorrow, and I’m not sure I’ll be there.

Quiet time as we await the reception and the captain, Mino Pontillo, who looks like a Roman of old. I’ve promised to address post cards to the grandchildren so I will end here….. October 14, 2006. Saturday

Not exactly. Just learned via the internet that Oregon beat the Bruins 30-20, but it wasn't that close from the AP report. I expected the loss but was hoping for a miracle, and now I'm hoping that Notre Dame will overlook the Bruins in the game next Saturday.

Another great dinner and another day at sea to look forward to. At least the computer has access via a 110 line as the battery has gone dead in the iBook. After I purchased a hundred dollars worth of internet time. Teaches one to be concise and type rapidly!
Tags: bruins, cruise, silver shadow
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