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Off Roseau, Dominica, aboard M/V Silver Shadow

Live Journal 2006/10/19 08:15 Thursday
Off Roseau, Dominica, aboard M/V Silver Shadow

This had gone entirely too fast! We will be leaving on Saturday morning just after we enter Barbados and will catch an American Airlines flight for New York’s La Guardia. We have visited Road Harbour, Tortola, B.V.I., Gustavia, St. Barts, Basseterre, St. Kitts, and today, Roseau. Tomorrow, Bequia, St. Vincent, and finally, Bridgetown, Barbados.

Looking at the map is very interesting, as is reading Wikipedia on our cruise destinations. Barbados are just off the coast of Venezuela… South America, and a good long way from our start in Miami. All of the port cities, the largest in their island nations, seem to have about 15,000 people. Most are former parts of the British Empire with populations descended from African slaves who were freed about 50 years before the American emancipation. They all seem to have a medical school…. Remember the great liberation of the medical students of Grenada by the Marines some years back?

I have just awakened the princess so that we might enjoy another fabulous breakfast buffet before they close the Terrace restaurant on the seventh deck. I have been getting what passes for some exercise by climbing the stairs from our fourth deck steerage cabin (with shower, bathtub and running champagne, daily fresh limes, etc., etc.,) to the internet café on 8, occasionally the observation deck on 10, and the restaurant, which is too close, and too tempting. Of course I pass the pool on 8, and see the matrons baking….. one of the downsides on this ritzy cruise is that the average age is considerably greater than on lower cost cruises, more affordable to a younger age group. So, the bikinis around the pool seem to have been purchased at Lane Bryant’s. The tans and the occasional cigarettes, the refusal to abandon the last remnants of youth, are just what I had expected, and so, confirmatory and amusing, to this kind of youngish thinking, old geezer. There are enough attractive women accompanied by older men, to prompt Lin to remark about fathers bringing their daughters on board.

The entertainers, and, indeed, the maids, from Romania, are worth my sneaky glances. Of course, I’m a gentleman, and, in truth, I’m with the most beautiful woman on board, but I can only verify her status by continually reviewing the challengers…. It’s my duty, of course.

I am not a night life person, or a casinophile. It was a major act of determination that got me to the show at 22:15 to watch a Latin
singing and dancing production…. From the first row. I even got a view under the feathers. How do those dancers, working so hard, never even seem breathless? They don’t seem to perspire, though I feel exhausted watching them. Quite attractive ladies. The singers were professional but not notable. The 45 minute show was just the right length, and the front row seats were all that I could ask for, and included, at no charge, of course, the drinks of our choice. This could become habit forming.

I did take a few pictures, and hope that I can upload them.

I just read an article out of the International Herald, in the ship’s library, on a comparison of health care and the money spent per operson on health care in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Nothing new, but the reference came by way of my PNHP tee shirt, and the Canadian, Paul Morton, who first noted the shirt and warned me against Canadian style health care. The usual discussion ensued. He pointed out the waiting lists in Canada, and I pointed out the 48,000,000 uninsured who weren’t on any waiting list, etc., etc.
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