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Marriott La Guardia en Route to the Catskills

Yesterday was a long travel day. We left the Silver Shadow one day early to make it to our Elderhostel Conference. http://www.elderhostel.org/programs/unavailable.asp?part=14098 A walk down to the end of the pier with 2 sailors handling our luggage and then a taxi drive to a lovely airport through the downtown area of Bridgetown, Barbados. Our flight to Miami was about 3 1/2 hours, then a very long trip through customs and back to the gate. Lin managed in a wheelchair and the time passed fast enough, with our third sandwich of the day, or was it fourth? South Beach is on hold. Calories are not. After 2 hours in Miami we were off to a 3 hour flight to La Guardia and then check in. The pillows are down but the great mattresses were left in Miami and Lincoln.

My GPS cigarette lighter plug apparently is waiting for me at the reception, so we will have GPS for our 2 hour drive to Ellinville, in the Catskills. En route, we pass a Costco, so I will buy another digital camera, as it seems I can't travel without one.

I noted that the Old Rhinebeck Airdrome is also 99 miles from where we are near La Guardia, but Mapquest refuses to give me a map. Maybe the GPS will be more cooperative. I have not yet broached this subject to Lin. The ancient planes only fly on the weekends, so it's too late to see them in the air.

And how about those Bruins... cme within 30 seconds of upsetting Notre Dame at South Bend, losing 20-17. The consolation is that with 12.5 points I win my bet with Mary McKenzie, a staunch Irish enthusiast, and in addition to $5, she will have to wear something absurdly Bruin. I escaped. I'm proud of this team.... they're not great but they have character.

And I'm sure anticipating the election as I plunge into Woodward's "State of Denial."
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