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The Blues Ascendant..... Equus ascinus

With thanks to Google images, I have bared a blue ass or two. Rummy will be leaving. A pragmatic look at the tar pit we have gotten ourselves into, is in order. For the moment, we (I) can dream. I ordered my "Obama in '08" tee shirt and bumper sticker. I am trying, very hard, not to get too excited, not to get too euphoric. The ship of state is a battleship, and it can't be turned on a dime, and the Democratic congress is the equivalent of galley slaves each pulling on an oar, out of sequence, out of rhythm. The helmsman remains the real Ass! Two more years!

Now here's the real joke. Before the results were in, I heard from my very favorite Republican. He's a deputy district attorney, so he's in with a bad lot, to begin with. He happens to be my oldest son, John, and where he went wrong I can't really say. I don't remember any birth trauma. Fresno is a great town in which to enter the world. His mother is a fine woman,etc., etc. Anyway, he calls me, breathlessly, and says, "If you were Hillary Clinton, wouldn't you want the Democrats not to control congress so that you could have something really big to attack in 2008?" ...or something to that effect. John leaps to Hillary as his favorite stalking horse! Of course, she, and Bill, flunked Healthcare 101 a few years back, and she is not my favorite posssible candidate.... but John's a Republican, and he can't help salivating at the chance to pillory Hillary.... (I like that!)

"No, John, the country, the armed forces, America, should not suffer for 2 years to assure Hillary's political future, and she won't be the candidate, anyway!"

Then comes the bolt of lightning. Karl Rove figured it all out. Give the Democrats congress and let them fumble their opportunity at government so that in 2008, a Republican can be re-elected.

Now, let's see...., Karl, will it be George Allen..... err, he ran into a problem, didn't he? Well how about someone from the evangelical core, ahh... Ralph Reed? He's pretty! No, Foley ruined that one, didn't he? Back to the drawing board.... maybe if it's going to be Hillary, we need a blonde mouth of our own... how about Ann Coulter?
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