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The Wonderful Middle of the Month!

Watching Winthrop with a 34-26 lead over #2 rated North Carolina.... Wow! This is the NIT Regional Final, at Charlotte. Great basketball! Lin is babysitting little Myles, while mother teaches philosophy, and dad is on his way back from a training session in North Carolina, by coincidence. My clinic rounds are largely over and I'm just coasting. We go up to visit daughter, Becky in a week, and have our own pre-Thanksgiving bash this Sunday, and football on Saturday, Cal vs U.S.C., Michigan at Ohio State, and the Bruins playing the Sun Devils in AZ.
Lots of sports, and still on a blue high from a week ago! Politics, suddenly, is exciting.

Moe, my mechanic at Vision Motorsports, just gave me a full set of Churchill's History of World War II, and the History of Britain. Someone died and left it to him, and he has too many books. He noticed my Churchill key chain, "Deserve Victory!"

So basketball, let it be! Bruins play BYU tonight. First TV game.... I'm in heaven.

Wearing my Barack Obama in 2008 button and the hospital custodian asked if Barack was my son. I think we have a recognition problem here.

Autumn on Barrett Lane. That's a young redwood in the foreground, and look at the explosion of flowers in November.

Josh has a fabulous new car, a Dodge SRT-4 (Neon) with lots of HP. Great buy! I love it.

Lastly, just to prove to the grandkids: Grampa really is a doctor! Here's the white coat. St. Joseph's is celebrating the 35th anniversary of its Renal Center and they bought us a new white coat, which normally I don't wear, but what with the Democratic victory, I brought out Old Glory and decided to celebrate.
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