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I Have to Begin, Somehere

I'm so new to this that I hadn't even read a blog entry, of any kind, until about a week ago, when time allowed me to get to an e-mail from a British nephrologist whom I had met at Cambridge, about 15 years ago, and who was replying to an e-mail in which I had sent him a photo of a patient of mine, the first in 37 years, who had successfully delivered a baby.... Apgar 9/9 @ 35 weeks, while on hemodialysis. I carry the photo of the patient and her newborn daughter in my wallet with my 8 grandchildren. Kind of special. But, wandering of course.... Paul connected me to Rhea's blog, and that revealed the wonderful world of LiveJournal, and this threatens to separate me from the thousands of uncompleted tasks that I must prioritize.

That's how I got here.

Then, I discovered the links.

Spitfire, as an interest, led me to an exotic blogger, who seems to mix Spitfires, nurses and medicine, and Czechoslovakia into an interest collection, and so, I thought I'd better write something down, real quick, even if it's not what it would be if I ever had time to really write.

And that was before I discovered several blogs that appear to be written by ESRD patients (End Stage Renal Disease.)

Well, returning to aviation, I will state for the record, that I, 69 year old physician, drive a 571 HP Porsche with 5 times the horsepower of the airplane I soloed in, umpty years ago, a Cessna 150! That's just the start of this braggadocio, as this old guy, with about 45-50 hours flight time, flew in a Spitfire.

Really, by the hair on my chinny chin chin, I flew in a Spitfire! Anyone got a clue how a pilot with 50 hours could take off in and land in a Spitfire? The drinks are on me if you solve this one.
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