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Potpourri, Napa through Trojans vs Bruins

Last week, from a timeshare condo in Napa, this was me.

This week, here's my car outside a dialysis unit, in a strong wind.

As a UCLA graduate, class of 1957 (Zoology), and a USC graduate, 1962, (M.D.), this could be a bipolar weekend, but it's not. I root for USC to win all of their games in all of their sports, except when they play the Bruins. Blue in politics, and blue in sports. Go, Bruins! Go, Fight, Win!

The big day! At 1:30, the Trojans invade the Rose Bowl to establish their credentials for the national championship against Ohio State. Everyone agrees. Beat the Bruins, and the chance is there, again. Well, not everyone agrees. I'm sure that Michigan, Florida and even Notre Dame will be rooting for the Bruins. And 40% of Southern California, too.

The newspapers have been full of stories about divided families and old memories, and comparisons of the teams respective chances. It boils down to this. An improved UCLA defense must get to John David Booty or he will dice and slice the Bruins with passes to Duane Jarrett, Steve Smith and company. UCLA needs a lot of lucky breaks, because, on paper, and by history, USC is clearly the better. It will be a very interesting game. SC's receivers are pro-quality, their offensive line, very good. At every position, they seem better. Their coach is outstanding. They have everything to play for. They got a good scare in 2004 at the Rose Bowl, and a fine lesson from Oregon State, away from home, so they should win. My dentist, of course an SC grad, has given me the Bruins and 13 points. Current odds 13 1/2.

The Bruins will surprise. If they don't win, they will play with inspiration and scare SC to death. I will take the leap and make it UCLA 27, USC 24.

For Thanksgiving, we were at our daughter and son-in-law's Corte Madera home, and then we took off to Napa on Friday, and a lovely two nights in a time share condo for only a 90 minute sales talk, which we resisted. Here's Lin, at sunset, as we took off for Press, a wonderful restaurant in Napa, recommended by Becky.

We loved Napa, and I loved Yountville and Bouchon. Fabulous, fabulous food! The hell with the price! 6 Stars in my book! Lin had a lobster roll and I had a fabulous salad, a Waldorf type creation with the bluest of bleu cheese (okay, blue politics, blue sports, bleu cheese!), and a quiche so light it floated upward, off the plate.

We did the requisite wine tasting. All I was interested in was moscato di canelli, a sweet dessert wine, and I found it at Baulieu Vineyards and the best, to me, at St. Supery. We bought a special zinfandel for Becky and Peter at BV, and a lot of muscato. How much can you squeeze into a Porsche with a roll bar in the back? St. Supery was a beautiful winery.

On Sunday morning, relishing the Trojan demolition of Notre Dame.... the lucky Irish were behind UCLA at South Bend until the last minute and two missed tackles, we returned to Corte Madera, and took in the Velveteen Rabbit, a children's play, in San Francisco.

Tuesday, I was back at work with the Bruin flag flying from my car, and a patient dropped in, bringing his daughter, Lupita (Maria), grandson, Joseph. This is Jaime.

And, the Bruins are #1 in the nation in men's basketball! (A bit premature, I feel, but what the hell!)

I'm a really lucky guy! We'll see just how lucky this afternoon. And good luck to Georgia Tech, although the Deacon Demons are very special to Lin and me. That's another story! And, good luck to Alabama in finding a coach that's a perfect fit. A final: GO BRUINS, BEAT THE TROJANS! and may the Lady Vols demolish those other light blues, the Tar Heels!
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