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Today's Drama

As we get ready for another cruise, another Caribbean cruise, but this time with The Nation crowd, I've gotten just about all of my MWF rounds in, and, when I stop writing, I'll have about 80% of my TTS dialysis clinic rounds done for December, and it's only December 9th! We're waiting for Canon to repair our two Elphs and starting the packing, and I'm about to stop wearing my Bruin tie, as it is falling apart on me! 1995 and the run to the NCAA's, when I wore it for the entire tournament, first to last, and then a week thereafter! Silk can take so much. It's faded and haggard. The Bruin pennant, on my car for only about 10 days, is beginning to unravel. The Bruins play Texas A&M in Anaheim, 10 miles away, but I'm rounding, and it's on CBS, so I'll watch it. As long as the team doesn't unravel! A&M lost to L.S.U., and before that, they were ranked number 6, early in the season. Doesn't mean a thing. The Bruins are good, and they play hungry! Howland, Collison, Afflalo, Mata, M'bah A Moute.... very good. Bruins should win again. The tie needs an appropriate send off. It has served me well, and besides I have another replacement waiting.

Oh, and three cheers for Diane Pucin of the Los Angeles Times who is a fabulous sportswriter and makes even a dreary game, a thing of beauty.



Even my wife loves her column and Lin was a cheereader at the University of Wisconsin, where she kept her back turned on athletics. Diane gets her to turn around and pay attention!

Go Bruins! Go make dialysis rounds, this Bruin!
Tags: bruins, diane pucin
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