tinkll1 (tinkll1) wrote,

It's All in How You See It

Today, we saved $260,000. First, after morning hospital rounds, Lin and I went off to earn 15,000 Marriott Reward Points by listening to a Newport Coast Villas sales pitch. Bottom line, we had a fine meal, on the Marriott, and neatly refused the opportunity to buy 2 units @ $30,000 And they were tempting, as the first year, as a "bonus" we would end up with enough points to fly to Europe first class and stay 2 weeks in the classiest resort. Tempting to think of Montenegro after Casino Royale (Saturday, afternoon, after the Bruins edged Texas A&M.... ugly!)

Being down in Newport Beach, we engaged in my favorite sport of car testing. This time it was Fletcher Jones Mercedes Benz where I drove an AMG E6.3 Wow! Wow!!!!! Superb. Really, really tempting. But, we saved another $100,000 by not yielding to temptation.

As I have always been more of a BMW person, it was an obligation to check out the M5 at Crevier. 500 HP but only 385 foot pounds of torque, and get this, until the car has 1200 miles on the odometer, HP is limited to 400! That's like taking the stages out of a supercharger and turning a Merlin into an Allison, a lesson that when reversed, led to the development of the P-51 Mustang fighter from the lower performing dive bomber version. BMW was on the other side making engines for the FW-190. How can a car dealer hope to sell a performance model choked down by this rule? So, they didn't. So I saved another $100,000. I'm rich!

I can almost afford to keep my Porsche Turbo on the road between charity clinics! And the interest on the money I saved.... wow!

I think we'll take a cruise and hopefully find another group of Porsche liberals aboard the Zuiderdam where the Nation has its annual cruise. I know that Molly Ivins will be there, and a lot of other folks who will be basking in the glow of the last election. At least it's not Orange County, or Kansas. Another vacation, and a chance to finish "Fast Food Nation." Fascinating book.
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