tinkll1 (tinkll1) wrote,

Get Rich Quick!

With M'bah A Moute out with an injured knee, how can UCLA be a 5 1/2 point pick over Arizona? Easy money. Take the Wildcats and the point spread. They may win the game outright. You can hardly go wrong in the Pac-10 taking the underdog and the points. With the exception of the Beavers and the Sun Devils, any team can beat any other team. Best basketball in the nation. Go Bruins!

Oh. At the Orange County Bruin Boosters Friday breakfast, I learned that Ben Howland videotapes and critiques practices! This kind of video obsession and the kind of players who buy into his defense wins has converted U.C.L.A. into the best bunch of overachievers. Afflalo, Collison and Shipp are first rate players. M'bah A Moute buys in, learns fast and puts out incredibole effort. He is a great role player. Mata overachieves like noone in the country. Until it's free throw time when he is a liability.

But almost every Pac-10 team has a compelling story. Nick Young, Taj Gibson, Loderick Stewart, and their point guard, makes U.S.C. a contender. Brooks and Oregon, wow. Washington State, amazing! Stanford improving.

Great season.
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