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Beavers 79, Bruins 72

A deserved victory for the Beavers! The Bruins whittle a 20 point lead down to 6 before the Beavers regrouped, continued playing their game and won a deserved victory. The issue now is whether the Bruins will make the NCAA tournament, and it's a good, honest question. They would be the 4th team in from the PAC-10, and that doesn't always happen. I'd love to see them in the tournament, but it would not be a miscarriage of justice if they go to the secondary tournament, the NIT. Actually, they could win that one, and they are unlikely to go beyond the second round, but the NCAA is such an exciting tournament.

Meanwhile on the home front, I have 3 hospitalized patients to pass along to colleagues, including 2 at a hospital that requires a special favor. We shall see. Nothing is going to diminish the joy of this vacation. I have a day to pack, and the Canon postcard printer was found by that star sleuth, Conchita, who keeps my office from its perpetual centrifugal expansion. Somehow, it's sort of an astronomical phenomenon, with my stuff spreading out farther and farther until it reaches the trash cans, usually sped along by Lin. Another woman in my life had suggested that I simplify everything by living in a dumpster, which could be evacuated, weekly.

Well, the Bruins have left me speechless, so I'll read and pack. I may disappear for 2 weeks as the internet at the hotel is nearly $10/day.... that's a bit absurd. Hard to complain, though, when I think of the other rates for the food.
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