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Call it a very, very long, and very, very happy day

Lin and I got a very early start on Monday. The alarm went off at 3:15 A.M. We had work to do. On this day, our 10th grandchild was going to be born, by C-section, and there were things to do so that we could get to the hospital. We did those things, with anticipatory joy, and it all worked out.

By 9:46, we found our way to the nursery and saw Josh with his hand inside the little baby warmer, sticking through the porthole, his finger in the grasp of his brand new daughter, Danielle. This was my very first picture and first sight of Danielle. How long does it take to fall in love? Even if it's the tenth time for the tenth grandchild.

We waited for Tammy to get to her room, talking with Tammy's mom, Cher, and with Vic, and just sharing happiness and joy with all. Why, I met Candace, a doula. Maybe you all know about a doula, but it was news to me, but of course, not to Wikipedia. The photos that I credited to Josh were taken by Candace. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doula

I took a lot of pictures, and by that evening, I was exhausted, but determined. This led to confusion confounded by Tammy and Josh keeping the name of their new daughter a constant source of mystery with various proposals that included Danica and Gabrielle. There were others. Many others. The conclusion is that whatever you name a baby, a year later the baby and the name are so linked that you couldn't imagine another choice. So, we were very happy, and I was very, very tired. I didn't want to undermine Josh's right to make an announcement, but, with 7 children, and the families that they've acquired, there were a lot of people to be called and contacted, and I had pictures to distribute. So, I sent off some e-mails, and they went to my sister and all my children. It didn't take long before Becky (Marin County) called back to find out what the baby's real name was because over the phone we told her it was Danielle, and in my e-mail announcement it became Gabrielle. Lin, my wife (my sister has the same name, so this is a family built for confusion) and Becky were laughing, and I had just distributed my faux pas to thirteen or so addresses. I had to publish a retraction quickly, and I was laughing at myself, all the way. Here it is:

It’s been a very long day.... So, I’m a crumby news source..... Delete the previous error. It’s Miss Danielle Golden! Sorry, about that. Danielle, Gabrielle, Chevelle, like I said before, down below, or in the previous e-mail, there’s a good reason for a committee before I have any other grandchildren. I’m losing it. I can’t keep them straight. They’re all adorable, but it’s obvious that I’ve been promoted beyond my level of competence. Someone finally heard Shinsecki when he said we needed more troops if we were going to invade Iraq. LITTLE DID I know that my family would do the job themselves. Meanwhile, Lin and I are looking for some new real estate.

You know, she (Lin,my wife) always did love shoes!

Sorry..... I’ll also revise the campaign literature for little Marvelle, Nevelle..... I kept telling them it should be Penelope!

....and this was the original, that prompted the retraction:

Conversation: Introducing: MISS GABRIELLE GOLDEN, who....
Subject: Introducing: MISS GABRIELLE GOLDEN, who....

...was born on January 29, 2007 at 7:48 A.M. She weighed 7 pounds, 13 ounces and was 21” long. (Long Beach Memorial Hospital, by C-section.) She was discovered, in utero, to be holding onto the umbilical cord, like a subway commuter, at rush hour. She was not reading a Sartre novel, as has been rumored.

Her brother, Myles, at 19 months, has mastered the alphabet and numbers 1-9. He can identify Ferraris, Mustangs and Porsches, and loves to read sports car magazines. Sounds fanciful, or like bragging! No! Fact!

Now, having 10 grandchildren, Lin and I have decided that any further grandchildren will require budgeting, permits and committee meetings. Our cup truly runneth over! We were delighted to visit our brand new granddaughter, the proud parents and grandparents, and much relieved that Gabrielle chose to arrive at the end of the month when my dialysis rounds were pretty much complete.

Finally, I am announcing her candidacy for the presidency in 2044. Stop smirking, and just circle your calendars.

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