tinkll1 (tinkll1) wrote,

Wow! My LiveJournal Friends Amaze Me!

Thank you, all.

Doesn't the birth of a child and the joy accompanying the event, the optimism, the dreaming of the future..... isn't this so universal? Who can't share the joy of a welcomed new life?

Lin and I watched The Syrian Bride, an Israeli made film with Palestinian actors dealing with the trials and tribulations of a Druse woman saying goodbye to her family in the Israeli occupied/annexed? Golan Heights to marry a Syrian, and leave them behind, possibly forever. Whatever one's point of view, the realization of love and marriage and life is universal. We loved the film. We relate to family ties and we wish that the barriers to life and love will giveway to the realization that what we all share, as caring human beings, is so much greater than the delusions that cause our separation. That existential separation, that loneliness, the human situation... we all come a little bit closer together when a baby is born and when a couple marries.

It just hit me, and it's not an original idea, but the warmth of the moment should be commemorated. Thanks!
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