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Lin's Popsicle - One Tough Gal!

This wonderful lady has made great, great strides. She even let me take her picture. That's no small wonder because there's no lipstick or makeup, but, nevertheless, you're looking at the most beautiful woman ever to grace the intensive care unit. There's no velvet sash, but this is my nominee for the Queen of Telemetry, Nasogastric Nymphette, and, John Wayne, your title's gone.... this survivor took all the exotoxin that E. coli, K. pneumoniae, and B. fragilis could cook up, and there she is, one day after the endotracheal tube came out, downing ice chips and sucking on her second popsicle! Cherry, after grape! So, by comparison, what does Wayne's World War II heroism, his ability to fight on despite suffering multiple 30 calibre perforations in the classic movies.... how does that stand up to exotoxins, endotoxins, shock, lactic acidosis, shock liver, DIC and ATN.... sorry, John, you can't keep up with Lin.

Three organisms in the blood stream after volvulus and ischemic bowel with perforation. She had no detectable blood pressure at 7:15 A.M. on Valentine's Day, last Wednesday, and, with superb medical and nursing care, here she is, post-bacteremic shock, post-lactic acidosis, sucking on a popsicle and threatening, immediately after extubation, to walk down the hall for coffee, or get "some McDonald's." No, that's not entirely rational, but she's entitled to a bit of amnesia, and a few impulsive thoughts while re-orienting to the reality of post-operative ICU care.

She remembered that during the peak of this illness I promised her I would take dancing lessons and give her a diamond if she would just hang in there. And awakening from this nightmare and finally able to speak, she tries to talk daughter, Becky, into giving her ice chips, and when Becky stands firm, Lin calls our daughter, "Cruella!" Not bad for the first few minutes after extubation.

I am in awe! I've had to be the communicator, by phone, and fill in our seven kids and our many wonderful friends.... the ones who don't rely on LiveJournal. Lin is the great verbal communicator but there's no phone in the ICU. How does she do it? Pretty remarkable.

I was scheduled to go to a renal meeting in La Jolla on Wednesday night, but I have something a lot more important to do. I just love to hold her hand, and I don't care if she catches up on her sleep. Hooray!

Holy cow, she wangled a phone, from the ICU and called me! What a woman!!!
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