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Update on Lin

She is still munching on popsicles and may get her NG tube clamped. Platelets are climbing every day. Liver function tests are normal or close to normal. No fever. Somehow despite the ICU, a generous sprinkling of extra hydrocortisone, she has kept her mind from wandering too far.

This morning, before I got there, the nephrologist mentioned the word dialysis to her. Well, her BUN was, is, 165 and she's no longer dehydrated or bleeding, but she is on steroids which are being tapered. Her creatinine is 4.7-4.8 for three days, and she is making plenty of urine. So this is what we call polyuric Acute Tubular Necrosis, and it beats oliguric or anuric ATN. So, he was probably thinking out loud, and was probably worried that, with hydration, and general improvement, the kidneys hadn't started improving, and the word came out. This got Lin to thinking that she really was sick! As she licked her lollipops and watched The Vue on ABC. How she could be rational in the face of all that has happened is a tribute to just what a great person she is, and how strong and stoical she is.

I explained to her that 95% of the time the kidneys open up in 3-4 weeks, and didn't tell her that many times they open up a lot faster, but, of course, we don't have the script, and we just don't know when. There's enormous, realistic room for optimism at this point.

Back to patients.... I, now, have office internet access on my old, slow PowerPC G4 notebook.
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