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Lin Turns the Renal Corner - Hallelujah!

Michael rolled the boat ashore..... Hallelujah! Sounds a bit theistic, doesn't it?

The creatinine went from 4.7 to 4.4, while the BUN is still around 185. As the steroids get tapered it will come down. This turnaround is just what we've been waiting for. In a week or less, she'll be back to her baseline.

The nasogastric tube came out yesterday and I fed her her first spoonfuls of dreadful soup. It was salmon colored. Maybe it was tomato or pumpkin. 72 hours ago she was imploring Becky and Josh to slip her some ice chips. Very convincingly! Calling Becky, Cruella, and Josh had some contrived and disparaging nickname, because they wouldn't slip her water and ice chips. They should have enjoyed the opportunity to give her her first nourishment, but I happened to be there. Lin has some lactose intolerance and the first few items contained milk, but that will get fixed. Small stuff!

This really is the last big barrier to becoming a more mainstream recovering surgical patient. A little bit of erythropoetin, maybe, will speed the process of recovery from anemia.

I have to laugh at medical and nursing dogma. She's being monitored for oxygen saturation and is on a nasal cannula. I'm not sure what % oxygen but it hardly matters, as the little plastic pieces that should be in her nostrils, are alongside her nose, feeding oxygen into the room air. Still, the monitor is showing 94-100% saturation, and it goes up, that's UP! with activity. Still, reflexly, the nursing personnel remind her to put the thing in her nose. More small stuff. Boy, would I be a lousy patient!

Everybody relax! And thank you all for the encouragement. It has been a roller coaster ride, and her survival, considering where she started, is close to miraculous.... in a biblical sense. All the personnel at St. Joseph Hospital, Orange.... all the doctors, respiratory techs, unit managers, social workers, transporters, radiology techs, respiratory techs, lab techs, ALL, ALL OF YOU! Great, great job.
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