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Update on Lin

Her creatinine, yesterday had gone from 4.7 to 4.4, so I expected it to be even lower today. It wasn't. It was 4.5, and the BUN was ~ 178. This was very discouraging to me because she has large urine volumes, and this is very good, prognostically. When acute oliguric renal failure cuts loose, there are large urine volumes and the creatinine drops 1-2 mg/100cc per day. Hence the disappointment. This is only the first week of her renal failure, and most cases, this severe, are oliguric (practically no urine) and go 2-3 weeks, or even 4, before recovery occurs.

Now what had me down was the fear of acute cortical necrosis, a rare condition usually associated with renal failure in obstetrics. In this situation, the kidney does not recover, and many times the urine volumes are high, but of very poor quality.

I just went to researching articles and verified the rarity of this being ACN. Statistically, it's the better, Acute Tubular Necrosis (ATN). Time will tell. The polyuria is a very good sign.

And, we have Lin back. She's awfully weak, but she's with us, and she looks beautiful! She looks so much better with most of the tubes and monitors gone. She is getting a physical and occupational therapy workout. She has very little appetite.

Today, Geoff and Jeanie and little Jessica came by. Beautiful girl, Jessie. John was by the other day. Eve may be there tomorrow. Everyone is calling and sending her best wishes.
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