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February 23rd Lab Update on Lin

Today's labs: creatinine 4.1, BUN 163, down from yesterday, and exactly what ATN (the good kind of renal failure) does. She slept through the night, according to the nurses, with the aid of Ativan ( benzodiazepine class antianxiety agent used to promote sleep.)

I'm sending in the checks to Mr. Paint and T&C Marble for our bathroom revision which was completed ahead of schedule, and which Lin planned but has not seen because of her untimely hospital admission.

The sunflower seeds and the California poppy seeds that I planted when Danielle was born. Here's my favorite picture, so far.... Tammy, Myles and Danielle about 3 weeks ago.

As I was intending to be in La Jolla at a nephrology meeting but stayed home, my workload is very small.... one patient only at Garden Grove Hospital, I'll be seeing Lin soon, with some real good news. I will try to get her to eat and encourage PT and OT.
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