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Lin's Progress and Our Plans

Lin continues to make progress, and is suffering no setbacks. The rate of progress remains painfully slow to me, her medical entourage and her family. The best way to look at it is just to talk with her and see how well she is eating. For example, she ate 20% of her breakfast yesterday, and about 30% today. Dr. "Teddy" (Coutsoftides), her colorectal surgeon, has given her the go ahead to eat whatever she wants, but appeitite is diminished, due in part to the damage to her kidneys which is now repairing itself at the expected rate. Her creatinine and BUN peaked last week at 4.7 and ~ 200, started down and went to 3.6/142 on 2/24, 3.3/117 on 2/25, and 2.7/94, today, 2/26. This translates into 12% of normal, at their worst, to 15, 16 and 20%, today. Appetite should pick up, similarly, and is. Lin loves McDonald's hash brown potatoes, so I brought some in yesterday and today, and she ate ~ 45% of her hash browns today. Other aspects of improvement are harder to assess than the numbers with kidney function.

Her WBC's slowly head downward from the low 20's a week ago to 19.7 on 2/23, 18.4 on 2/24, and 14.8 on 2/25. No sooner do I expect further progress, when a little blip to 15.1, occurs today, but she continues to eat better and require minimal pain meds. So, how she looks and feels is so much more important than little blips in the numbers.

Herpes simplex, a common occurrence in any very sick patient, makes chewing and swallowing food more difficult. She is still the most beautiful patient in the hospital, and manages to look beautiful under any circumstances. I've told her that she could start another career modeling nasal canulas, nasogastric tubes and endotracheal tubes.

So bottom line, she's getting better. We'll all be happier when the WBC's go below 10,000 and the creatinine under 1.4, and when her hearty appetite returns. There's a Cadbury's milk chocolate bar at the bedside, and I brought in the SONY shower portable radio so she can get NPR on FM. She watched The View with interest today. And she maintains her sense of humor.

We will not make it to the U.S.C. medical conference at the Hapuna Prince in Kona, Hawaii this year. We were due to leave on Friday and I'm hoping that we'll get some kind of refund. I don't know what luck I'll have with Aloha Airlines, but that's the next thing. Of interest is that I had taken that week off, so with luck, maybe Lin will be at home, and I won't have to work. That will be great. Lin has to work on physical and occupational therapy for walking and ADL's (activities of daily living) so it may work out best to go to a rehab hospital for several days where she will get intensive PT. Three hours per day. Right now, she has to work on transfers to a chair and starting ambulation. Stuff, we all take for granted. Well, it sure is different than last week and the week before. Life has been on hold for us.

I ran into Dr. Ray Casciari who runs the intensivist program at St. Joe's and told him how Drs. Hayat and Ghiassi had saved Lin's life on Valentine's Day. He said he usually only hears about the complaints, which are rare enough in 60 doctor encounters/day. He suggested I write a letter. I sure will!
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