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Progress Report - Lin, Day 19

Lin continues to improve but it's very, very slowly. She remains on IV's and requires potassium and magnesium supplements IV, as they upset her already delicate stomach when given as pills. She is only eating about 30-40% of the calories she needs. Other details are not for this journal, just to say that recoveryis generally steady, but very slow. She won't be going home until Wednesday at the earliest, and she will need an attendent. All of this sounds grim until I think back to where she was on the morning of February 14th, with no blood pressure, on levophed, then post-operatively, on a respirator for 4-5 days, nasogastric tube, her nephrologist talking about dialysis when her BUN hit 200, shock liver, DIC, etc., etc. It puts a slow recovery in perspective.

It also gives me lots to think of and relate to. Like the impotence of confronting overwhelming illness and just how much one can do, and how fate play such a role in recovery or lack, thereof.

This is Lin's favorite time of the year as we normally go off the Hawaii for the U.S.C. course on an update in Diagnosis and Therapeutics in Internal Medicine. We enjoy the luxury of the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel and I go off to class from 7:15 to 12:15 and revitalize my interest. She goes to a yoga class or two. We see old friends.
She tries to drag me to the beach and I watch college basketball. Life is good. Life is still good. She will recover despite the slow pace of improvement, and we will enjoy this luxury all the more.

I will be watching a lot of basketball. It's a great diversion. Bruins are a good team and better than last year, but they could lose anytime, as they just demonstrated at Washington. The PAC-10 tournament comes on Wednesday through Saturday, and I have no office hours. Sitting at the bedside and provioding encouragement to the most important person in the world, to me.

I wish I could report rapid improvement but this is the real world. I'll settle for a happy ending.
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