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Garden of Eden, and that old apple!

Somehow, I got away on time, on Friday, and as Lin reboarded our transport to the airport, she noted that my shoes looked "funny." Very funny. The sole was peeling off after a $60 repair job a month ago. It saved my neck! As I switched shoes, I discovered my unpacked tennis shoes in the closet, and dragged them along. Our Aloha 737-300 has those attractive upswept stubs on the wings, but your fate rests with only 2 engines! Somehow the 4 of a 747 is more reassuring, but I know that it will fly on only one engine, and we feel lucky. The plane is 2/3 full and the flight pleasant enough, with me getting back into Sam Harris' "The End of Faith...." Reassuring as I listen carefully for BOTH engines!

We landed around 9 PM and Lin gathered the luggage while I set off for the rental car. University Travel assured me and Lin, who made the arrangements, that I would love the Mazda 3! I might have, but Alamo doesn't rent Mazda 3's! They rent old, tired Chevy Cavaliers, which they were out of, so they upgraded us into a 4 door Oldsmobile Alero, an old, tired Alero, with a warm engine and water all over the mirrors, the car having been serviced with the efficiency of the RAF ground crew in September 1940. Good old UT had provided me with a $492 pre-paid voucher that assured me the Mazda 3, only they didn't put in all the right codes, so this dilemma was passed along to a series of increasingly authoritative functionaries, as Lin waited with the luggage for my return in Mazda. About an hour later, despite being first in line to secure the car, I was nearly the last to leave, and found Lin waiting curbside with a lady security guard who knew, at the very least, my name and welcomed me to Hawaii.

We drove the 25 miles to the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel on the darkened but very well marked hiway and the car wasn't as bad as I imagined it would be. We were greeted with the traditional leis at 10:30 PM and made our way to the lovely Beachfront accommodation, and to room 307. This was set back further than the other rooms, and the view narrowed from 120 to 45 degrees. That's what happens when you're the last to check in. We got the in-law's room, but not for long. While we had a wonderful salad, our luggage was transported to room 221 as Lin explained that she preferred to be closer to the elevator since she walks with a cane. It was closer to the elevator. In fact, it was designed for the disabled! It was smaller in some dimensions and lacked a bath tub, but had a wonderful spacious shower. On Saturday, as I was watching Washington beat Arizona in a great game, we made our final move to room 323, which has 2 sinks, a wonderful bathtub and a great view of the beach, now, on Sunday, at last.... the sunny beach! The rains of Friday and Saturday are over.

Well, we're here for medical education, and it starts tomorrow. So, the Garden of Eden will be slightly tarnished by the early rising and the walk to the Hapuna Prince for a continental breakfast and 5 hours of lectures. The tree of knowledge will overgrow the beaches and tennis courts, until the late afternoon, when, if I can summon the stamina, I will return to the tennis courts. I get a little preview today as I will hit with JERRY TROSTLER, the retired cardiologist w2ith whom I've played tennis for about 25 years. I can feel the muscle aches as I haven't been on the courts since our Baltic vacation and the onset of the football and then the basketball season. I will take it slow.

That's it for now.... I need to figure out how to insert photos into the journal, and I will try to do so in the near future.
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