tinkll1 (tinkll1) wrote,

Lin's Really Improving

Yesterday afternoon, she went through one 350 calorie Ensure Plus in less than 2 hours. Real progress. It is now only a matter of time, as she is afebrile 3 or 4 days off antibiotics, with a normal WBC. IV fluids are being cut to 50 cc/hour and K and Mg are normal. Strength is slow coming back. She has not required narcotics for low level cramping abdominal pain. She walked from the bed to the bathroom with 2 person assistance. She is learning to live with a shorter bowel, but progress is slower than she would like.

I am guessing, but she may be able to come home on the weekend, with an aide in the home. It may take another month or even 6 weeks, but I think she'll come all the way back.

My updates will be fewer as I see real progress, and rapid changes are unklikely. Thanks for all yoiur good wishes and positive thinking and prayers.
Tags: lin
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