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Very Good News on Lin's Progress

I'm hoping to get a phone call at any time that Lin has been released from the hospital. Today is day 27 and she has made so much progress. Wounds are healing as they should be. Kidney function is 100% recovered. Strength is making progress, but it is very, very slow, and measured by such events as sitting up in a chair for 30 minutes, rolling to either side in the bed, standing with assistance at the bedside. The simplest activiities that we take for granted, Lin requires regaining the energy and the muscle strength to perform, and all this time at bed rest, as well as with very limited nutrition, has made the road to full recovery, very slow and laborious. She can't wait to get home, and I can't wait to have her at home. She hasn't yet seen the bathroom remodel that was finished during the first week of her hospitalization. We will have an aide in the home to attend to her personal needs and make sure that she has help when I'm working.

The electrolyte problems are minimal as her appetite improves and the return of good kidney function allows her an unrestricted diet. This morning, she thoroughly enjoyed a whole sausage McMuffin and Hash Browns.... the most she has eaten in 4 weeks, and no threat to cholesterol or anything else. As I write, I hope she is working on her PT.

So, it's all good. She'll be home for March Madness! She could care less, but with Lin back home, I care a lot. It's my favorite time of the year, and Lin does like basketball, particularly if I can give her articles by Diane Pucin of the Los Angeles Times who writes about the warm and fuzzies of sports. It's a lot warmer and fuzzier, nowadays!

We are truly grateful to our many friends who have been so supportive and so encouraging with this illness.
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